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As a leading Childcare Provider in Newbury, we have lots of exciting things going on

Newbury Lighthouse is a quality Childcare Provider in Newbury. Therefore, we are always doing and planning exciting and engaging activities for our children. At our Day Nursery in Berkshire, we always have lots of fun going on. We provide lots of hands-on learning to develop your child’s mind. In particular, working in partnership with you we can support children to develop the cognitive, emotional, and social skills to excel at school at our Day Nursery in Berkshire.

We believe children have a natural drive to learn at Newbury Lighthouse. Also, as a leading childcare provider in Newbury, we believe a child’s early years are the most important for developing the foundations for learning and wellbeing. Therefore, children can achieve amazing things given the right opportunities. Furthermore, this means children need to feel loved by the staff looking after them. And they need to be able to access an array of experiences so that they can discover the world around them.

  • How is coronavirus affecting children?

    The common perception is that coronavirus raging around the globe has tended to tread gently with children with relatively small numbers of infections so far.

  • The importance of sand play

    The importance of Sand Play. Sand play is a vital aspect of our provision. It is an activity that we encourage daily because it really helps with sensory development.

  • Update on how COVID-19 affects children

    With schools opening in September it is really important we understand how COVID-19 affects children.

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Newbury Lighthouse Day Nursery, Berkshire, provide flexible, friendly childcare in Newbury town centre.

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