Benefits of Cooking

4 Jan 2021

Here are a few reasons why we believe cooking with children is a good
thing at Newbury Lighthouse Day Nursery:

Cooking can play a crucial role in developing healthy eating habits. Taking
an active role in preparation of food helps children to understand the
importance of good nutrition. Children are more likely to try different foods
if they experience a diverse range of food at an early age. Cooking can
really help to build an adventurous taste palette.

Cooking provides fun opportunities for experiential learning. We believe
children learn best when they engage all their senses; textures, smells and
tastes of different ingredients provide an unmatched organic experience.
Cooking encourages creativity, children get to make their own decisions, a
few examples are:

What topping they want to put on their pizza
What extra features they want to put on their biscuits
How they want to decorate their fairy cakes
Cooking helps to build self esteem. Recognising they can take part and
contribute at meal times provides great satisfaction for children.
Cooking can help to deliver specific skills set out in the Early Years
Foundation Stage in a meaningful way:
Children expand their vocabulary as they are exposed to new words
and terms such as measure, whisk, blend
Children learn the concept of sequencing through discussing what
comes first, second and third in the cooking process
Children develop a basic understanding of maths concepts such as
volume by measuring different concepts
Children strengthen their fine motor skills through cutting, pouring and

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