Five to Thrive

4 Jan 2021

A baby is born with very few brain connections in place. By the end of the
first year of life, a baby’s brain has doubled in size with billions of brain
cells connected. The most powerful experiences for brain building are
relationships, a baby needs to be connected to an adult so that the brain,
body and feelings and thoughts of your child have tuned in with you. Your
baby can’t manage or make sense of their own feelings and thoughts, they
need an adult to do it for them.
In the first 3 years of life, the brain is growing and changing faster than it
ever will again. So what happens to your baby shapes their brain and the
most important thing that happens to your baby is you! Everything you do
when you are with your baby sparks connections to their brain.
‘Five to thrive’ are the 5 building blocks for a healthy brain. Respond,
Cuddle, Relax, Play and Talk.

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