The importance of sand play

12 Oct 2020

The importance of Sand Play.

Sand play is a vital aspect of our provision. It is an activity that we encourage daily because it really helps with sensory development.

Sand play offers children valuable opportunities to learn science, maths, and technology and to develop creativity. And the sand provides an ideal space for your child to engage in small world play.

Here are a few reasons why we are so passionate about Sand Play:

It teaches your child lessons of science. Whilst engaging with the sand they experiment with manipulating the consistency of sand, exploring how water travels, and discovering how they can use different tools to affect change. This type of scientific discovery is vital for developing problem-solving skills and understanding new concepts.
It will enhance your child’s mathematical skills. Children can develop mathematical concepts surrounding weight through an active learning approach. This is developed when they experiment with changing the consistency of sand by adding water for instance.
It encourages your child’s creative expression. Sand becomes a foundation for your child to build bridges, mountains, digging tunnels and constructing towers. Or it can become your child’s art canvas providing the perfect surface for drawing and early writing.
It can be a calming and even therapeutic experience for children. It allows your child to engage in deep learning, however slow or passive this may seem, children are relaxed and take-in information almost subconsciously through their senses.
If you are looking for more great activities for your child this summer, why not create a sand station?

Let your child take on the role of an architect, an engineer or a mathematician. Not only are they learning valuable skills, but they will also have a lot of fun too! ☀️