Weaning Guide

4 Jan 2021

Am I Ready for Solids?

Introducing me to solid foods, often called ‘weaning’, should start when I am around 6 months old. (The latest research from the World Health Organisation shows that babies’ digestive systems are not developed enough to cope with solid foods before they’re around 6 months old).

If you feed me solid food before I am ready it could lead to diarrhoea
and vomiting, and I may need hospital treatment. Waiting until I am
ready will also save you a lot of time as I will be able to feed myself
very quickly (and with less mess as I will be able to swallow properly).
It is really important to support me while I get used to the idea of
eating. I will still be getting most of my nutrition from breast milk or
infant formula. Breastfeeding beyond 6 months, alongside solid foods,
will continue to protect me for as long as you carry on. If I am bottle
fed, infant formula should be given to me until around 6 months and
continued afterwards along with other foods.